Workflow Review

Workflow Review

  • Preparation: Review of existing material that was handed over, such as existing documented workflows, document analysis from translation / localization vendors, pricing agreements, related ISO operating procedure documents, job descriptions, previous reviews, etc.
  • Scoping: Selection of workflows to audit. Interviewing key management stakeholders to identify areas of concern.
  • Workflow Audit: Mapping of existing workflows within determined scope. Identifying and interviewing key staff members within workflow.
  • Roles and Responsibilities Check: In-depth look at roles and responsibilities (internal resources and vendors) within the localization workflow from project acceptance to vendor payment.
  • Technology Utilization Check: Review and assessment of current localization workflows through the prism of technology utilization best practice, including which processes can be automated.
  • Quick Wins: Look-out for quick-actions that can produce quick results with minimal investment
  • Recommendations: Identify technical and operational requirements for improvement. Key findings and suggested next steps.

Workflow SlideDeliverables

  • Fully mapped current workflows with improvement areas highlighted
  • Expert review of current localization workflow
  • Identification of the core issues to be addressed: Workflow; Roles & Responsibilities; Technology
  • Recommendation for technology and process direction for scalability and automation
  • ROI scenarios based on comparable typical cost for work programs similar in size and volume
  • Summary of the options and recommendations


Sometimes during the Workflow Review some ‘quick-wins’ emerge, which produce quick results with minimal investment. If such quick-wins do emerge, then these will be documented separately to be implemented in parallel to the main project.

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