Vendor Selection Support

Vendor Selection Support

  • Requirements: Development of detailed requirements for translation management and localization services, including: Translation Management System, Translation and Review Portal, Project Management Module, Client Portal, Reporting Module, Requirements for Integration with External Applications, Non-functional Requirements, Localization Services, Maps of Current Workflows, Vendor Background Questionnaire
  • Authoring of procurement documentation and distribution to vendors
  • Vendor communication: Organization of pre-proposal meeting in a virtual setting. Organization of vendor demonstrations of stated capabilities on Agilent site, query management and consolidation of questions, on-going vendor communication.
  • Evaluation: Development of decision-making criteria for vendor briefing. Vendor response review and ranking. Vendor presentation review and ranking in collaboration with stakeholders. Analysis of financial and service proposals.
  • Final Selection: Facilitation of final selection of a preferred vendor based on technology evaluation, service capability and pricing proposal. Negotiation of terms & conditions with selected vendor as well as runner-up.
  • Budget: Development of budget for installation, implementation, integration, migration and customization (if applicable), change management/transitioning
Dig-IT Quadrant© helps rate suppliers
Dig-IT Quadrant
  • RFP/RFI Document
  • Initial short-list of suitable vendors
  • Checklist of decision-making criteria for vendor briefings
  • Facilitation of vendor presentations
  • Short-list of final four vendors
  • Summary of stakeholder evaluations
  • Project budget for selected option plus runner-up

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