ROI & Budget Development

ROI & Budget Development

  • Establish Baseline: Obtain (any available) data points related to current (and historical) translation costs, including operational costs to support translations.
  • Existing Translation Volume: Estimate annual translation volume per project types and in total.
  • Translation Spend Based on Current Model: Estimate what it would take to translate planned volume of content under the current translation model with current process steps, roles, infrastructure, tools and other related cost data.
  • Savings with New Workflows and Technology: Calculate savings after process automation, savings from use of centralized translation asset management, and other improvement recommendations resulting from this engagement. Consider multiple options or models where appropriate, and calculate savings for each.
  • ROI ChartRamp-up and On-going Operational Costs: Add costs for new translation management technology such as license, SAAS, infrastructure, maintenance, hosting, etc. Where options exist calculate for each option separately.
  • Translation Budget Based on New Recommended Model: Estimate translation budget needs under the proposed new translation model based on planned volume of content.
  • ROI: Identify ROI for different durations, such as one year, three years, or five years.

  • ROI
  • Translation Budget Document
  • Before-after comparison

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