• Mobile Marketing Playbook

    i360 White Paper: Consumers will continue to pay for content on mobile devices. But whom they pay, what they pay for and how they pay for it are starting to evolve as quickly as the devices on which they consume it.

  • A Study of Consumer Attitudes to Digital Marketing

    e-dialog White Paper: A comprehensive survey of 13,000 consumers in 13 countries worldwide. This research was driven by interviews conducted via Lightspeed’s online consumer panels in 13 countries across the world.

  • Eight Steps to a successful TMS roll-out

    The TMS has been installed on the server – so, what’s next? How do I get started? That is the single most asked question when I meet with organizations that have bought into the idea of implementing a translation management system. The many benefits are clear:• Automation of manual transactions• Reduction of translation management cost• Enforcement of terminology and translation memory across projects, translation vendors and/or the entire enterprise• Control and visibility over translation processes, workflow and costs.But what is the fastest way to get there? 

  • Translation Automation On A Budget

    Would you like to automate your localization processes but your budget is not big enough to justify the expense? Many small to medium sized organizations find themselves in that dilemma: The necessary investment needed in technology to achieve operational excellence does not return enough benefits. The good news is that today they are solutions available that help you to automate and optimize your localization processes when you are on a budget. Download the slides from the webinar ‘Translation Automation On A Budget’ which was hosted by the Globalization And Localization Association (GALA on January 27. 2011

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