Andrew Lawless

Andrew Lawless

Andrew Lawless is an entrepreneur and globally renowned localization expert and thought leader. Part business strategist, part localization maven, and part technology aficionado, Andrew uses his expertise in his role as President of Dig-IT to advise companies on global content management and content localization. In 2013 he launched Rockant, Inc, a virtual learning meet-up space for managers of international programs, products and services.

Andrew is co-organizer of the Globalization Series of the Web Managers Roundtable in Washington, DC, the thought exchange platform for the web industry’s leaders and authorities that draws participants from the DC area’s most prominent corporations, associations, nonprofits and government agencies.


Andrew helps people to be winners with daily actions and measurable results.

Andrew has two main goals:

  1. Provide valuable resources and connections to help managers of localization programs and international products to grow and develop professionally
  2. Establish localization as the main revenue driver for your organization

Andrew is known to deliver the most innovative and highest quality consulting in the USA.

That’s because the Dig-IT team cares deeply about your personal and professional success. We are committed to not only getting you results, but also to making you a better leader in your organization – with or without authority.

Andrew has testified before U.S. Congress on the importance of language for the national economic security. China invited him to plan its future of the localization business. And Andrew frequently presents at events, such as Localization World, Annual Meeting of the Globalization and Localization Association, Web Managers Roundtable, and many others.

Whenever Andrew discovers something that he thinks you should know about, members of his  LinkedIn group and Twitter followers hear about it. So make sure you are a member or follower. Andrew’s commitment is to bring you the very best of what he knows and what he is  learning  – and to keep it real and honest.

Visit Andrew’s personal blog.

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