Dig-IT! started as a television show in 1988 in Germany. Andrew Lawless ne Draheim starred the news show about computers after he exclusively interviewed Bill Gates for Forbes Magazine. At the time, Mr. Gates was on his way to Moscow to introduce his Cyrillic version of MS DOS 4.0 and met with Andrew during his stop over at Frankfurt airport.

After this meeting it became clear to Andrew that while he was a talented journalist and writer, he knew little about other media, such as audio, video and animation. So, he walked into the first TV station he could find, talked to the head of programming and four weeks later quoted the first episode of Dig-IT!, a computer magazine that transmitted computer data to download while it aired, using a special cable modem. dig-IT! Was also the first German News show that interviewed Hackers and showed live on TV how they can break into accounts. It informed about the dangers of Internet porn, violence in computer games, and differences in customer support from computer dealer and brands.

With that Dig-IT was well ahead of it’s time and the show eventually stopped airing. AIt’s footage and assets, however found a new forum in multimedia CD-ROMs published by.a publisher from Verlagsguruppe Georg von Holtzbrinck. CD-ROMs included video, digital books, software programs, links, and other databases, and almost worked like the b today, just on a CD-ROM.

After Andrew acquired in-depth knowledge about the publishing world working closely with Stefan von Holtzbrinck (now CEO of this 2nd largest publishing group in Germany), he was amongst the first to understand the growing importance of translation and localization for content broadcasters. His first project: Making The translation business of Berlitz International profitable in just 4 month, which 9 managing directors before him had it been able to achieve, After implementing the then largest multilingual content management solution for the World Bank, Andrew started to focus fully on Dig-IT’s original vision: Help people get the message out …..

Today Dig-IT is the premier consulting firm for content and web globalization projects in the Washington, DC area.


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