About Dig-IT! Globalization Consultants

Dig-IT! is Washington, DC’s go-to consulting firm for strategic and tactical guidance for content globalization. Our mission is to help you to be a better global citizen and enjoy the process of getting there. Our focus is on enabling you to:

  • Identify investments in multilingual content that deliver the most impact
  • Develop people, processes, and technologies to improve your content quality, international branding, and global messaging
  • Connect multilingual content practices to corporate goals
  • Scale with the right technology solutions
  • Reduce total cost of ownership for your multilingual projects and programs
  • Implement workflows that work and flow
  • Eliminate bottle necks in subject matter reviews
  • Help authoring team and translators to collaborate across functions

Dig-IT is a 100% virtual company. Our slogan is: Work hard – Be nice. We have learned that people will forgive you most cross-cultural blunders if they know you to have strong work ethics and to be indiscriminately supportive of  others.

We have three guiding principles…

There is always a solution.

No matter what you want to create or make happen, we can figure it out. We are connected to most brilliant minds in localization and multilingual content management. Cloud computing and social collaboration allow us to connect with almost anyone on the planet to help bring you a solution, fast.

Integrity rules.

We turn down revenue, opportunities and partnerships that, despite looking great on our income statement, might create conflict of interest with our clients. We do not have formal partnerships with any of our clients’ vendors. And we do not accept  their offers to pay ‘finders fees’, ‘incentives’, ‘commissions’, or whatever else you will call it. We truly, deeply care about our customers and our larger audience. That’s why we strive to over-deliver on our commitments in everything we do.

Work Hard – Be Nice.

We value innovation, drive, attention to detail, fast response time, unwavering commitment to an outstanding customer experience and a laser-like focus on efficiency and bottom line results.

If there’s anything we can do to improve your experience with us, or you have ideas to share, let us know! Our business hours are Monday – Friday from 9 AM – 5 PM ET. We strive to respond to phone calls within 48  business hours and emails within 24 business hours.

If you want to stay in touch on a regular basis, sign up for a membership of our LinkedIn Group, connect with me on LinkedIn follow us on Twitter or become a friend on Facebook.

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