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Your customers are learners – they need you

We at Dig-IT are really excited about Rockant, the virtual learning meet-up space for managers of international programs, products and services. Rockant opens up a lot more opportunities to give birth to new projects and engage you and the industry more creatively and pro-actively. Rockant will be officially launching Rockant in March as the premier virtual learning meet-up … Continue reading

True Translators Do Not Fear Technologies

Professional accountants do not begrudge the software makers their home business clients. That’s silly. Talented yoga teachers certainly don’t mind the selection of instructional video (or their viewers). Sooner or later, if you want to improve in yoga, you will find an instructor. Professional typesetting, graphic design and other disciplines have not gone away despite … Continue reading

The Rising Power of The Global Consumer

Global consumers will continue to place strong emphasis on price, convenience, and quality in making their decisions about where to shop and what to buy. Do you still think cutting corners in localization is a good idea? A recent report form Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited (DTTL), Global Powers of Consumer Products 2012 states that “more consumer products … Continue reading

Everything Important for Going Global – Weekend Reader 16/17-2012

Globalization draws the line at Kinder Schokolade Surprise Eggs. They are outlawed in the US. We learned that when a shipment to us was seized and destroyed by US Customs and Border Protection this Easter.  The world’s best high chair is banned in the US. But email spam from India? Sure, let it in. India … Continue reading

FedEx, LinkedIn and Intuit Announce New Deals for Member Startups

Three Startup America Partnership member companies unveiled their new services at DEMO Spring 2012, the premiere launch conference in the country. The companies, 4Mads, OmniStrat and Share With 911, won free Showcase Sponsorships and roundtrip airfare from American Airlines after submitting videos on why attending DEMO will be game-changing for their businesses. The Startup America … Continue reading

Webinar Recording: New Technologies Change $15b Translation Industry

In February 2012, a US state trooper used the iPhone to communicate with a diabetic Chinese man who was lying on the side of the road exhausted after driving nonstop from Montana to Oregon without insulin or food, thus saving the man’s life. The translation and interpretation technology surely is then good enough for daily … Continue reading

Weekend Reader 11-12/2012

Germans are complaining about the rising price of sausages, which are made with sheep intestines imported from Iran – important enough for USA Today to dedicate almost half a page to the story. It does highlight how interconnected we are. Iranian sheep intestines have surged from $8.16 to $22.84 per 100 yards (enough to make about … Continue reading

Everything Important for Going Global – Weekend Reader 06/07-2012

Why Is Global Diversity So Difficult? How much local control is needed and what happens when local cultural customs contrast with corporate values? What best practices are being implemented? What company does it better than everyone else? DiversityInc analyzed data and demographics with more than 100 responses from 17 countries across Europe, Asia and the BRIC … Continue reading

Weekend Reader 05-2012

Bono – yes the one from U2 – a major investor in Facebook? We expected some surprises surfacing from the social network’s IPO filing. But this one blew us away. It might make Bono the richest rock star on the planet. Below is what else caught our attention about what’s important for going and being global. Enjoy the … Continue reading

Everything Important for Going Global – Weekend Reader 04/2012

It has been an interesting week. Most importantly: Bruce Springsteen announced his US and world tour dates as well as his new album to be released on March 6, 2011. US President Barack Obama gave his State of the Union address on January 25 – making it more accessible to more people speaking more languages worldwide more quickly than ever … Continue reading