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Your customers are learners – they need you

We at Dig-IT are really excited about Rockant, the virtual learning meet-up space for managers of international programs, products and services. Rockant opens up a lot more opportunities to give birth to new projects and engage you and the industry more creatively and pro-actively.

Rockant Home Page

Rockant will be officially launching Rockant in March as the premier virtual learning meet-up space for managers of international programs, products and services  So, if you have not signed up or started your own training group yet, don’t wait. Do so now. Open registration ends in 3 weeks.

But for right now, we want to talk about you

We bet you’ve got some exciting new projects you want to see come to life. The economy has done a hard shift. After the economic earthquake of 2008 (and all those aftershocks), managers of international programs, products and services are still figuring out what it means for them and their organizations.

Companies look different. Employment looks different. Recreation looks different. Relationships look different. Travel looks different. Translation technology is undergoing major revolution from heavy implementations to cloud-based solutions that work right away, on every major platform, and provide immediate benefits and ROI.

Everything right now is new and changing. Which, as you may have noticed, is exhausting. And creates stress. And that creates interesting problems that you can start solving for your customers — no matter what your area of expertise.

As long as we’re in this world of profound instability, you can help others by teaching them how to navigate that change and come out on top.

Your customers are learners – they need you

They don’t need stale authorities who mastered what was needed in the last century. They need the true experts who can teach them what they need to know today. There’s tremendous opportunity — and especially, opportunity to do great things by helping other people out. You can’t beat that.

Rockant provides you with a platform to do just that. Things you’ve been wanting to share for a while: You can make it FINALLY make it happen with Rockant – and using this virtual learning meet-up space is still free. And starting in April will help you make money with it too.

If that sounds interesting, we want you to remember this: You don’t have to be perfect right out of the gate. You just have to get started.

Most people and projects have humble beginnings. And anyone you think has it ‘all figured out’ once fumbled around in the dark to find their way.

Do you know this story?

Back when NASA started launching manned spacecraft in the 1960s, they found out that the astronauts couldn’t use pens to write with while in space. The ink wouldn’t flow down through the pen in a zero-gravity environment. NASA decided to retain a man named Paul Fisher to design a pen that would work in space.

$1.5 million later, they had a solution. NASA now had a pen that worked in zero gravity, in a vacuum, and in a drastic temperature range.

The Russian cosmonauts had the same problem, of course. So they used a pencil.

Get started now

We also want to hear about YOUR vision and plans for 2013 so we can help support you this year with helping you to get started, set-up your training group, and anything else we can dream up to help you grow your business – even if you only do it on the side.

We don’t care if you do it part-time or full-time. We just want you to do it. Start your learning group in Rockant now.


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