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True Translators Do Not Fear Technologies

Professional accountants do not begrudge the software makers their home business clients. That’s silly.

Talented yoga teachers certainly don’t mind the selection of instructional video (or their viewers). Sooner or later, if you want to improve in yoga, you will find an instructor.

Professional typesetting, graphic design and other disciplines have not gone away despite the high number of low-cost software solutions for the amateur. Only insecure careerists fight off technology. The professionals, though, those with real talent, use technological shifts to move up the food chain. It is easy to encourage buyers of translation services  to explore and experiment with crowdsourcing platforms. Professional translators bring more than just good tools to their work.

The best translators love it when clients use machine translation or crowdsourcing. The insight of their limitations pushes both client and translator to do better work.

Talented translators don’t fear the crowd or the cloud. Bring them on! When you need something worth paying for, they say, we’ll be here. And what we will sell you will be worth more than we charge you.

If you are upset by advancements in translation technology, get better instead of getting angry.



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