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The Rising Power of The Global Consumer

Global consumers will continue to place strong emphasis on price, convenience, and quality in making their decisions about where to shop and what to buy. Do you still think cutting corners in localization is a good idea?

Wendy's threats

A recent report form Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited (DTTL), Global Powers of Consumer Products 2012 states that “more consumer products companies are integrating business performance improvement, information management, and advanced analytics initiatives to meet the needs of their businesses. In many cases consumer products executives will seek to deploy existing and new technologies in a disruptive way, to further engage with consumers and customers…”

I have predicted that in December 2011 at the first Localization Forum of the Translator Association of China (TAC) and in April 2012 during my webinar for the Globalization And Localization Association.(if you missed it, you can watch it here):

The role of the translator and the in-house translation reviewer continues to change. The end-user is becoming the ultimate judge of the quality of translated text and usability of localized services and products. There  is great opportunity here for both buyers and providers of localization services to collaborate in harnessing the power of the end client and in integrating the voice of the consumer communities as early as in research and development.


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