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Weekend Reader 11-12/2012

Germans are complaining about the rising price of sausages, which are made with sheep intestines imported from Iran – important enough for USA Today to dedicate almost half a page to the story. It does highlight how interconnected we are. Iranian sheep intestines have surged from $8.16 to $22.84 per 100 yards (enough to make about 1,000 sausages) – allegedly a result from sanctions against the country. ‘Made in Germany’ for sausage means as much as ‘Made in the USA’ for laptops – even though Nuremberg bratwurst are protected by the European Union and must be made in the southern German city of Nuremberg using a centuries-old recipe. It apparently matters less where the ingredients came from.

Below is what else caught our attention about what’s important for going and being global. Enjoy the reading.

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Access over Ownership and the Power Of Numbers in Localization

What is the role – if any – of in-house linguistic reviewers in a world where thousands of client users tweet back at the maker of their cell phone, ranting about the poorly localized user interface? This webinar presentation will not only provide some answers, but also frame the issues for the current evolution of the localization industry.

Under the Hood Of Life/Science Localization

As life/science enterprises mature, the internal support services and the efficiency of multiple workplaces matter as much as cutting edge biological discovery, commercialization and manufacturing. Andrew Lawless will host a panel discussion on solutions for optimizing and scaling operations with two of the leading global scientific instrument manufacturers, Agilent Technologies and Waters Corporation, at Localization World in Paris from June 4-6.

Twitter to Increase Engagement by Adding Indian Languages

Twitter pushes its news and communications appeal to Indian users, but needs the support of brands and celebrities to compete, according to The Next Web. Twitter added new features — more languages and  ‘trending topics’ — to its site in an attempt to engage more of the Indian market, according to Pluggd.in. It wants to gain more users in order to compete with Facebook and Google’s Orkut in India.  Read more…

How to Reach the Latino Market in the US

Digital marketing and online marketing play a large role in reaching the Latino market. Latinos spend 10% more time online than the general public. 76% of in-store transactions are influenced by online research, according to a Terra and ComScore survey.  Read more…

Mobile Ads Work Better in Europe than US

Adults in America are fed up with digital ads on smartphones and tablet, according to a recent YouGov survey.  Europeans, however, are willing to make purchases online after viewing an online ad. Why the difference? Read more…

Global Marketing Budget Shift to Emerging Markets

Almost 60% of global marketers are shifting their budget to focus on new markets for growth, as reported by  the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) survey. Why? Read more…

French City Implements Virtual Currency

By 2013, participating local businesses in Nantes, France will be able to pay, or be paid in virtual currency units called “Nanto. ”The goal is to accelerate trade between local companies by limiting the use of cash, thereby reducing cash flow problems and facilitating easier exchanges. The concept promotes a balanced budget by penalizing companies for going over fixed limits of expenditure. Read more…

10 Places Your Not Allowed to See on Google Maps

Not every landmark can be seen on Google maps including, the Royal Palace in the Netherlands and a power plant on Cornell University’s campus, according to Mashable Tech. Click here  to see other places blurred on Google.

Startup World Competition: Applications Now Open

Are you building the world’s best startup? If you’re an entrepreneur living in Mexico City, Lima, Santiago, Buenos Aires, São Paulo or Rio de Janeiro you can apply for the competition, according to The Next Web. If selected, you will have the opportunity to pitch in front of a panel of expert judges in your city. Read more…

New Currency That’s Valuable Online and Offline

“We’re working on creating a special currency that will work in both worlds,” says Cemil Turun of Yogurt Technologies. He called it ‘Kayme‘. Yogurt Technologies is working on the creation of a currency that allows users to pay for services or complete transactions online and the real world without any exchanging . Read more…

Bad Localization May Taint Success Of Smart Phone in China

China’s first WP7 phone has Twitter and Facebook (both blocked in China) support, but appears to have failed to replace them with their Chinese equivalents, according to The Next Web. The phone does include some Chinese web apps or Chinese equivalents of a number of other Internet services. Read more…


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