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Everything Important for Going Global – Weekend Reader 06/07-2012

Why Is Global Diversity So Difficult?

How much local control is needed and what happens when local cultural customs contrast with corporate values? What best practices are being implemented? What company does it better than everyone else? DiversityInc analyzed data and demographics with more than 100 responses from 17 countries across Europe, Asia and the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) countries. Read more…

Smartphones and Localization: Infographic

In preparation for the 2012 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Moravia’s Mobile Localization Group analyzed different Smartphone Operating Systems are localized. Read more…

Nissan to build crowd-sourced car

Japanese carmaker Nissan will use its Facebook fans to crowd-source a special one-off, track-ready, car model 370Z using off-the-shelf performance parts and accessories. The car will be built in four stages – power, handling/brakes, interior and exterior – with fans making their opinions known through comments, likes and wall posts. Read more…

How to Launch Your App in an International Market

It’s totally fine to start building your mobile app in one language, but if you want to tap the huge international market, you can’t stop there. How should developers go about taking their apps international? For starters, try this handy guide.

New study: Users take tablets on a honeymoon, and into the bathroom

Marketing firm Rosetta released a study in which tablet owners were asked how many of them take their tablets into the bathroom. The study found that almost 25 percent of tablet owners regularly use the devices while… otherwise preoccupied… and a full majority of users — 68 percent — also take the devices to the bedroom with them. Read more…

Apple’s mess in China: What you need to know (FAQ)

To learn more about Apple’s overseas labor situation keep reading. CNET has compiled a list of frequently asked questions on the topic.

Apple’s iPad trademark issues in China may extend to a complete trade ban

Apple could face a complete ban on the import and export of its iPad tablet in China after a Chinese technology firm which claims to own the ‘iPad’ trademark said it will seek a ban on shipments of the device. Read more…

Beware Twitter Censorship

Twitter users should take care with the information they tweet if they have  global audience. Recently in Brazil, authorities demanded the use of Twitter’s censorship to suspend and block Twitter profiles that warn of traffic controllers. According to the Brazilian authorities, accounts that share the location of radars and mobile road control points violate several laws.  Read More…

Make Your Quick Response Codes Global

You can now have a QR code (Quick Response code) that is universal. A new technology allows information from QR codes to be displayed in the handset owner’s language. The technology detects the default language of the handset owners browser after the owner scans the code. Read More…


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