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Weekend Reader 05-2012

Bono – yes the one from U2 – a major investor in Facebook? We expected some surprises surfacing from the social network’s IPO filing. But this one blew us away. It might make Bono the richest rock star on the planet. Below is what else caught our attention about what’s important for going and being global. Enjoy the reading.

Work Hard, Be Nice      Your Dig-IT Team 

Beat Tough Economic Times: Localize More Website Content 

Companies like HP have made enormous strides in moving content localization deeper and deeper into their country sites.  You can bet there is a sound ROI for doing so. Read more…

Apple Record Revenues Rely on Localization

Apple announced its results for their first quarter of fiscal year 2012: Net Income of $ 13.1 billion and $ 46.3 billion in revenues. Read more…

How Google Beats Facebook as Best Global Website of 2012

Google has beat Facebook as the best global website of 2012 due to its language growth – its search engine supports more than 140 languages and Google+ app supports 40. Read more…

What Twitter’s Censorship of Tweets Means For Your Country Strategy

A recent article reveals Twitter has the ability to reactively withhold content from users in a specific country. Subsequent articles show the censorship has already caught attention in several countries – Thailand, the United Kingdom, and China.

In India, Use Google For Smartphone Apps, But Facebook For Social Networking

A full 25 percent of Indian users’ time with apps is spent on those developed by Google, with the Android Market, YouTube and Gmail leading the way. However Facebook dominates social networking with 45 percent of user time. Read more…

Where To Find The Most Tweets in Africa

Reports form  Tweetminster and Portland  reveal that the use of Twitter in Africa is dominated by its richest country: South Africa sent 5,030,226 tweets – twice as many as the next most active Kenya who sent 2,476,800 tweets.  Read more…


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