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Startup DC: Occupy Startup Success

On January 31, 2012, the Startup America leadership as well as DC regional leaders in the startup community will gather for a Startup DC Ideas Summit. Together, with United States CTO Aneesh Chopra, we will launch Startup DC with creative conversations about ways to propel recent area startup activity into an exciting ecosystem for startups around the beltway.

Every resident of the region has an opportunity to propose a 7 minute TED-like talk on their vision on how to build a better startup region.  To submit your idea, link here:

Since Dig-IT is a member of Startup America Partnership as a ramp-up company, I figured that developing and selling products globally is even more challenging for Start-Ups than it is for established corporations and enterprise. I have, therefore, proposed talking on the following subjects:

Harnessing the power of the global client


Going Global on a Budget

(Link and give 3 votes to either of my talk)

In the DC area the issues of ownership, credit, and differing vision leads to barriers to creating and growing companies. We will need coordinated action to increase the odds of success in the following areas:

  • Venture/Angel Capital
  • More Support From Our Universities
  • Coordinated Cross-Border Government
  • Talent
  • Large Corporate Support
  • Mentoring
  • Community Workspaces

This is not an all exhaustive list, but an excellent first take on what this region needs.

Please click here to find out more about the event. And when you have chance, please give me your vote.

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